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International Standards

This page provides information and guidance to Authorised Repairers who carry out work on Land Rover products.


To obtain a copy of our standards please write to Deborah Colchester, Jaguar Land Rover, 53G/28/2 Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwicks, CV35 OXJ.

Servicing Information

About Servicing Information

This section of the site has been developed to ensure all vehicle repairers can gain access to the technical information, tools, diagnostic equipment, part and training necessary to carry out a complete range of servicing and repair operations on Land Rover cars to maintain them to the original specification.

Technical Information

Before any vehicle repairer commences work on Land Rover vehicles, it is important that the repairer has appropriately trained technicians that are equipped with the necessary tools, equipment and information.

The GTR website provides online access to a range of technical information, special tools, diagnostic equipment and training material. The information is necessary to carry out a complete range of service and repair operations on Land Rover vehicles to maintain them to their original Land Rover specification.

Service Training

Outstanding service competence is the only method of keeping pace with new product developments and advances in vehicle technology. It is important that you take full advantage of appropriate competence training if you plan to service or repair Land Rover products.

Independent Repairer staff are also welcome to attend training courses at any European Service Training Centre.


Land Rover customers like to know that their cars are being maintained to the original specification, quality, reliability and performances at a reasonable cost. We therefore recommend that Land Rover genuine spare parts and accessories are used for all types of repair and maintenance.

Contact Us

For further information please write to Deborah Colchester, Jaguar Land Rover, 53G/28/2 Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwicks, CV35 OXJ.

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